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This is one of the best jazz improv CD's we've heard this year... it gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for fans of "fluid jazz" around the planet!  - Dick Metcalf, Zzaj Productions & Improvijazzation Nation

Charles Lester Music proudly announces the release of Resolving Doors, a new recording by internationally acclaimed improvisational music artists pianist Joel Futterman, drummer Alvin Fielder, and reed player Ike Levin. This CD marks the first time these three veteran, adventurous musicians have recorded together. Yet, there is instant connection as evidenced by the ease of interaction, near telepathic communication, and collective emotional investment displayed. This recording session is a true meeting of the minds, hearts, and ears of three close-knit partners who nurture, guide and expand on each other’s explorations, interpretations, and sketches. The six spontaneously created compositions featured here are incendiary and relaxed, passionate and reflective. They present a rare synthesis of different musical idioms and offer a fresh perspective on the expressive art form of improvisational music. This is a serious, powerful session that offers both insight and guidance about the possible paths improvisational music may take in years to come.

Release Date: October 15, 2004
Total Time: 65:00
Spatial Odyssey (BMI) 16:01
Opus de Impulse (BMI) 7:52
Minds Eye (BMI) 13:13
Atmospherics (BMI) 12:22
Third Ear (BMI) 3:36
Boundaryless Horizons (BMI) 11:43